Marcus Charles

Rockland County NY based artist Marcus Charles is a man of many talents. Besides writing raps, he also plays the roles of producer and sound engineer. After dropping his self produced mix tape 'On A Hill, In The Trees' late last year, he is now back with new material. His first release for the year is the music video for his single "Action" which is an upbeat, energetic cut that puts the young emcee in his element. We get to see him traverse the under belly of Chinatown while kicking some heavy bars about his personal growth in the industry. Like the title of the song says, he aims to keep the momentum going with the mantra Say less. Action is the only truth.

Tarrence Crawford - TAC1SAX

Tarrence Crawford was born in the Bronx NY, grew up in Mount Vernon NY and had a dream to play the saxophone since elementary school. This dream was met with disappointment at the age of 10 when Tarrence’s request to learn the saxophone was denied because of the limited supply of instruments at school. So, he picked up the bass guitar through the influence and gift of a family member. His desire to be a musician became quite obvious shortly thereafter as he started playing the bass relentlessly and by the time he was 12 he was learning how to pluck and thump like one of his idols, Louis Johnson of the Brothers Johnson. From a young age, Tarrence was extremely enthusiastic about elevating his skillset and playing style. He would imitate Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire because he loved his active stage performance. He would watch and say, “He never stays in a particular place on stage and while he was playing; he’s always busy making that bass talk!” Other idols of his were Larry Graham and Stanley Clarke. Tarrence played professionally as a teen and into his young adulthood and has been referred to as a “child prodigy”.


Music is the embodiment of passion. Where that passion meets lessons learned and addition of Sophistication you’ll find CTez. CTez is a New York born Musician who didn’t always fit the mold of the traditional lyricist, or path for that matter. From his earliest days CTez had found comfort in music, singing, rapping and performing for classmates, but life’s practicalities found a way to get in the way. Pursuing goals of success in the legal world, music wasn’t seen as a possible future. However, with the help of a MacBook, what started as a love of listening to music quickly manifested into a love of making music. As life began to throw struggles, conflicts, and experiences, the art of verse became the perfect way to capture and share experiences with those who’d listen. This wordsmith weaves and manipulates language into stories that captivate listeners. Today CTez works to take his form of expression to higher places by exploring new and more meaningful ways to paint lyrical pictures, from elaborate tales of the night life, to thought provoking societal analysis, each delivered with a flow that becomes more infectious with each beat.

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Diplomacy Clothing

White Plains NY Natives Kyle Miller and Cortez Young taking the fashion industry by storm with their new line of clothing. Season 2 in effect. Music to follow.


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